Town Hall Level 5 Strategy Guide - Clash of Clans Tips (2024)

Because so many new building upgrades and new structures are introduced in this level, Town Hall 5 is considered to be one of the biggest upgrades for Clash of Clans players. In this guide, you’ll be given the most efficient path of upgrading your units.

Depending on how you prioritized during earlier levels, you should have either two or three builders as you go into Town Hall 5. If you’re a player that only has two builders, make sure to get the 450 gem achievement for obtaining 1250 trophies and make this one of your main priorities. If you want to level your base quickly and efficiently, you must get a third builder. An easy way to obtain more trophies is to keep attacking and skipping bases bases until you see one that has their Town Hall placed in the corner. When you find these Town Halls, simply kill (by sniping) these Town Halls repeatedly until you get 1250 trophies. Afterwards, you can lower your trophy count to about 700-1000 for Town Hall 5.

In order to accommodate everyone, we will assume that you only have two builders at this point. However, if you are a player who already has three builders, keep your third builder busy by having him work on the items listed at the bottom of this article while your other two builders begin constructing important units and structures.

Prioritizing Upgrades and Structures in Town Hall 5

At the start of Town Hall 5, the following buildings should be your main focus. Once you have completed these unit upgrades, start working on the secondary objectives listed in the lower portion of this guide.

Builder No.1: Laboratory – Spell Factory

Start by having your first builder upgrade the Laboratory as soon as Town Hall 5 is finished. Since the Laboratory upgrades provide the largest increase in strength and durability at this level, it’s imperative that you start working on this immediately. Begin by completing research for Barbarian level 3 first and then Archer level 3. Having these upgrades will make a tremendous difference in the efficiency of your farming.

When your builder has completed the Laboratory, have him start on the Spell Factory. Even though the Lightning Spell isn’t the most powerful, you can still utilize it to wipe out Clan Castle units if you’re ever in a pinch.

Builder No.2: New Walls – New Army Camp – Army Camp Upgrades

Have your second builder focus all remaining gold into fortifying your walls and then Army Camp upgrades. When you start on your new Army Camp, make sure that your builder stays on it until the stats of that camp are maxed out. Following this, have that builder upgrade your other two Army Camps all the way as well. By doing so, your army count should come out to a total of 135 (a drastic difference compared to Town Hall 4 players).

Town Hall 5 Secondary Tasks

Once your two builders have finished their primary tasks, begin working on the following objectives. (This section also applies to those with a third builder)

1st Task: Build New Towers and Rearrange a New Base Layout

When you reach Town Hall 5, go ahead and build a new Cannon, Archer Tower, and Wizard tower in that order. Once you’ve constructed the final Wizard Tower, reposition the units in your base.

2nd Task: Upgrade Your Barracks

The most efficient method of doing this is by taking only one of your builders and having him upgrade your Barracks to the highest level attainable. Be sure to only utilize one builder for your Barracks, otherwise you’ll have a hard time farming.

Town Hall Level 5 Strategy Guide - Clash of Clans Tips (1)

3rd Task: Upgrade Your Towers

While upgrades are being performed on your Barracks, use your remaining builders to improve your defensive towers. However, start with the newest towers first. Upgrading the Cannon and Archer tower is fairly quick and will provide you with the biggest increase in strength. Make sure to upgrade your defensive towers all the way before you start on Town Hall 6.

4th Task: Upgrade All Other Structures

If you haven’t done so, go ahead and upgrade the rest of your buildings and structures (including your resource buildings). Once you’ve completed this, go ahead and begin working towards Town Hall 6. If you find yourself having free builders during this time, have them working on upgrading your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors (don’t worry about maxing out the stats though).

Town Hall Level 5 Strategy Guide - Clash of Clans Tips (2024)
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