Attacking Strategies for BH5 - AllClash (2024)

Attacking at Builder Hall 5 is working different from the prior Builder Hall Level, the reason for this is that you will have a Hero, the Battle Machine, plus there are plenty of more defenses available (Multi Mortar, second Double Cannon) that will make it harder to attack. In this guide, I will show you the two most popular and well-working attacking strategies (that use the Battle Machine) plus one that works you haven’t unlocked the Battle Machine yet or it’s upgrading right now.

Builder Hall 5Attacking Guide

Before I will introduce you to the attacking strategies, I’d like to talk about some very important things that you need to mind when you just upgraded to Builder Hall 5.

  • Get the Battle Machine as soon as possible! It’s like additional 2 Giants + 3 Archers (in terms of stats) on the battlefield
  • Get your Baby Dragons to max level first
  • Then focus on upgrading Cannon Cart

I already mentioned I have 3 attacking strategies for BH5 here for you and each of them is perfect depending on the state you’re in:

  1. Giants with Archer if you just upgraded to Builder Hall 5 and have no Battle Machine (OR your Battle Machine is upgrading right now!)
  2. Baby Dragons when you have the Battle Machine Level 4 and lower (no ability) – used as a tank for the Baby Dragons
  3. Giant & Cannon Cart – the most powerful one but it requires high-level Cannon Carts & the Battle Machines’ ability (unlocks at Level 5)

So basically you will be using all 3 of them on your way through Builder Hall 5 – the first one until you unlock the Battle Machine (and if it’s upgrading right now), the second one during the period where you upgrade your Cannon Carts and your Battle Machine and the third one to push hard.

That’s the basic plan, the only exception will be when you see a weirdbase layout that has an extreme weakness to a certain attacking strategy.

Giants & Archer BH5 Attacking without Battle Machine

The period without Battle Machine are the toughest at Builder Hall 5 – but you will have to go through that period in the beginning until you unlocked the Battle Machine and also when you upgrade it as it is not available during the upgrading time (like your other Heroes).

In this case, I really recommend using Giants & Archers, because Baby Dragons will have a problem with the additional structures available at Builder Hall 5 that will take a lot more time to clear off and the second Firecracker doesn’t make it easier for you neither.

First things first, you won’t be able to do 3-Star attacks without the Battle Machine against a fairly upgraded BH5 base, but you will be able to do decent 2-Star attacks – to do this, you need to focus on getting the Builder Hall.

Attacking Strategies for BH5 - AllClash (1)

Here you can see a normal BH5 setup and your goal with this strategy will always be:

  1. Get the Multi Mortar destroyed as soon as possible
  2. Prevent hitting into the Crusher
  3. Get the Builder Hall

This makes your attacking possibilities quite limited when it comes to where you’ll attack the base from.

In the case of the above base, you will enter at the top right Cannon, clear off with some Archers and then go in and let the rest of your Archers destroy the Multi Mortar and snipe the Builder Hall.

There are not many designs out there at BH5 with open walls, but don’t go with Bombers since they will die off from the Multi Mortar extremely soon – your Giants will enter the blind spot of the Multi Mortar soon so it will target the Bombers.

I’ve been writing a very detailed guide about this attacking composition here for BH4 that you should read:

Builder Hall 5 Attacking Strategy with Battle Machine

Here we go with the solid attacking strategies that will rock at BH5 with your Battle Machine. I also wrote a full guide on the Battle Machine, including on how to use the special ability here:

BH5 Attacking With Baby Dragons

Baby Dragons are an attacking strategy that is very good at BH4, but with the additional structures on Builder Hall 5 it struggles getting to whole base down without support – that support comes with the Battle Machine. The Battle Machine will:

  • clear off outside structures to help building the funnel
  • tank some Archer Tower and Tesla damage

When using this strategy, you will have to keep following things in mind:

  • Always deploy your Baby Dragons away from each other to keep them in their damage boosted ability mode! Two Baby Dragons on the same place deal the same damage (without their ability) than one and might suffer from splash damage of the Air Bomb or traps in air mode!
  • Go in for the Air Bomb, you’ll need to keep that down as soon as possible

You’ll always start your attack off with deploying your Battle Machine to clear outside structures and then put there 3-4 Baby Dragons around it.

Attacking Strategies for BH5 - AllClash (2)

Especially the outside buildings are slowing down the Baby Dragons a lot, so the battle machine is a good help here.

As soon as one Baby Dragon goes down, replace it with a new one. Be patient! You don’t want them to group up and lose their ability!

Attacking Strategies for BH5 - AllClash (3)

This is basically it! All you need is to keep calm and let your Baby Dragons work through the base step by step.

You can see some good replays here in this video that will show you how it works:

Builder Hall 5 Attacking with Cannon Carts

This is the most powerful strategy, but it also requires that you have your Cannon Carts at Level 7 or higher and your Battle Machine should also be at Level 5 where you unlocked the Electric Hammer ability – this will heal your Battle Machine every 14 seconds and also give a damage boost in between that will destroy any building in 3 hits.

The reason why you need the Cannon Carts fairly upgraded to high level is that otherwise they can die away when the Multi Mortar targets them once. It happens often enough that it will destroy your raid and if they survive it once it’s most of the times enough to get the 3-Star attack.

You can use one of the following compositions:

  • 3 Giants & 6 Cannon Carts
  • 6 Giants & 4 Cannon Carts

I personally recommend using the 6 Giants, as the Cannon Carts deal a good amount of damage but die soon and you want to make sure that your Giants tank long enough.

When starting the battle, always send in your Battle Machine first from a distance and hit the ability directly.

Attacking Strategies for BH5 - AllClash (4)

The Battle Machine’s ability will then start recharging, but the extra damage boost for the next 3 hits will be active until it has hit 3 times – you basically charge it up and have your ability available again when it reaches the first buildings. You can read more about that in my Battle Machine Guide here.

As soon as it reaches the first structures, you will need to send your Boxer Giants in in the direction of the Multi Mortar. The Multi Mortar is the target you need to take out as soon as possible!

Attacking Strategies for BH5 - AllClash (5)

Now just send in your Cannon Cart after it and hit the ability of your Battle Machine as often as possible. This should get you the 3-Star attack in most cases 🙂

Here’s also a nice video showing plenty of replays:

Attacking Strategies for BH5 - AllClash (2024)
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