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Town Hall 5 attack strategies will get even better than TH4. At TH5 you can try several unbeatable army compositions.

But if you want to get the maximum benefit of your TH5 army then you must be aware of the trophy range you should have at Town Hall level 5.

In this guide, we will discuss everything in detail and tell you how you can have the best TH5 attack strategy.

What should be my Trophy Range for TH5?

As you progress in Clash of Clans you realize that your trophy range can play a crucial role in getting the easy base and tough bases.

If you want easy bases then you should have low trophies and if you want a challenging base then you must be in a higher league.

We follow a simple formula in which to get a lower trophy range we multiply Town Hall level with 190 and to get a higher trophy range we multiply th level with 230.

So If we multiply Town Hall 5 with 19 we get 950 and if we multiply it with 23 we get 1150. So 950 to 1150 is your trophy range at TH5.

If you are following our upgrade guides then chances are that you are even below 950 trophies. This is because we follow a solid strategy to max out Town Halls without participating much in multiplayer battles.

This strategy will change in upper Town Hall levels.

What Should be My Army Composition for TH5?

Now, let’s take a look at the troop units available for Town Hall 5 attack strategy –

TroopLevelTraining CostTraining TimeDamage Per secondHitPoints
Barbarian3606 Seconds1465
Archer31208 Seconds1228
Giant230040 Seconds14360
Goblin3609 Seconds1936
Wall Breaker280020 Seconds1024
Balloon2225040 Seconds32180
Wizard2140040 Seconds7090

As you can see we have now a wide variety of troops available for the Town Hall 5 attacks. We also have a lightning spell that can come in handy in th 5 attacks.

Your troop capacity is 135 units which is a lot for Town Hall 5 attacks.

This means we can try different army compositions thereby getting maximum loot and trophies.

To understand the Town Hall 6 attack strategy you should know the defensive buildings that you are targeting. As TH 5 we have the following defensive buildings

  • Cannons – 3 (level 6)
  • Archer Towers – 3 (level 6)
  • Mortar – 1 (level 3)
  • Wizard Tower – 1 (level 2)
  • Air Defense – 1 (level 3)
  • 4 bomb trap, 2 air bombs, and 2 spring trap
8 Best Town Hall 5 Attack Strategies and Army Composition - Clash Of Clans Wiki (1)

8. Giants+Healer

  • Army Composition – 10 Giant, 53 Archer, 4 Wall breaker, 6 Wizard
  • Training time – 19 min 24 seconds

If you want an army that can give you three stars in Clan war leagues then this is best for you. All you need is a healer in Clan Castle. The 10 Giants have to focus on three defenses – Mortar, Wizard Tower, and Air defense.

You have to funnel from the edge where any of these defenses is closer. Before deploying a Giant you need to use one wall breaker to bring out the Clan Castle troops. Then use 1 Giant and 2 Wizards to wipe out the Clan Castle troop.

After dealing with Clan Castle troops you will deploy the remaining Giants in one go. Deploy the Clan Castle healer right behind the Giants. Be sure that the healer stays out of range of Air defense. Use Archers and remaining Wizards to clean out extra buildings. The Giant will wipe out all defenses.


  • Army Composition – 45 Barbarian, 90 Archer
  • Training Time – 16 Min 30 sec

Yes, Barch is still valuable. But the number of Barbarians will be half as compared to the number of Archers. This army will not bring you 3 stars. The sole purpose of this army is to loot the opponent base as well as bring a minimum of 1 star so that you do not fall out of the league.

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Remember to deploy Barbarians in a group of 5 and Archers in a group of 10. Always deploy this army far from mortar and Wizard tower. Using this army will also improve your strategy improvisation during the live attack. Therefore I highly recommend it.

6. Balloons

  • Army Composition – 27 Balloons
  • Training Time – 18 Min

This is the costliest army for the Town Hall 5 attack. It will also need skills to smash 100% cleanout. Balloons are going to be very important in your future attacks. But at Town Hall 5 Balloons are weak af.

Request/donate one Dark Spell to your clan mates! And the new donation menu shows what's already been donated! pic.twitter.com/J8tBtGPcdf

β€” Clash of Clans (@ClashofClans) November 29, 2015

The lightning spell will play a major role in the success of this attack. You will use the lightning spell on air defense. It won’t take it out. But if you use Balloons near the air defense then you will surely destroy it.

Do not drop Balloons in groups as air bombs can heavily damage them. Drop them in C shape and that way you can wipe out the entire base.

5. GiWi

  • Army Composition – 10 Giants,4 Wall breaker, 19 Wizards, 1 Archer
  • Training time – 20 min 48 sec

You should not miss out on this army. If you need to learn funneling then this army composition for the Town Hall 5 attack is a must-try.

Drop 10 Giants in one go near the mortar. Use a wall breaker to destroy the wall ahead. Use Wizards to clean out the path of Giants. After the mortar is destroyed deploy 5 Wizards in such a way that they enter inside the base. You need to practice with this army to become perfect.

4. GiLoon

  • Army Composition – 4 Giants, 3 Wall breaker, 19 Archer, 18 Balloon
  • Training time – 18 min 21 sec

This is another unique and unbeatable combination. The Giant is tasked to take out air defense whereas the Balloon is tasked to take out mortar. Use light spell on air defense only.

Deploy Giants near air defense and push wall breakers to make way. Deploy Archers in a group of 3 to take out extra buildings. After the air defense is down, deploy Balloons in a c-shape near the mortar. Enjoy the 3 stars.

3. Gob Smash

  • Army Composition – 90 Goblins, 5 Giants, 2 wall breaker, 16 Archer
  • Training time – 19 min 38 sec

This army is my favorite. At higher Town Hall I have used this army beyond counting. I take 135 wall breakers. But it can not give you guaranteed stars.

If you want stars then take the army as described above. Use light spell on mortar. Giants are required to destroy mortar.

Goblins will loot resource buildings. You might not get 3 stars but you will surely wipe out all resources. Use it for farming.

2. ArchLoon

  • Army Composition – 14 Balloons, 65 Archers
  • Training Time – 18 min

I have always enjoyed this army combination. The Archers are complimentary to the Balloons. You will strike a light spell on air defense. Then deploy Balloons in a c-shape near the mortar.

The Archers are deployed near air defense but far away from mortar reach. You have to be careful that you do not deploy all Archers in one go.

1. GiWiArch

  • Army Composition – 9 Giants, 5 Wizards, 4 Wallbreaker, 32 Barbarian, 30 Archer
  • Training Time – 17 Min 52 second

Do you want an unbeatable Town Hall 5 attack army? This is the army – A perfectly balanced army.

Analyze the opponent base and see where the mortar is situated. Your goal is to find the shortest path between your Giants and the mortar. After you find it you will deploy 2-3 Barbarians in that direction.

The Barbarians are expendables that will trigger any hidden trap so that the Giants are safe. After the traps are exposed; you will deploy all Giants in one go.

The wall breakers will be deployed in such a way that they don’t get wiped out by mortar splash. After the Giants enter the base you will deploy 5-5 Archers along with 1-1 Wizard on parallel sides of the Giants.

The will improve the funneling and make sure your Barbarians enter the base.

After the mortar is down you will deploy Barbarians but keep them away from the Wizard tower. Use Archers and Wizards to takedown defense units that are locked on to Giants.

It will take some time to master this technique but after you learn proper funneling you will love this army.

Clash On

References: Wizard COC

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8 Best Town Hall 5 Attack Strategies and Army Composition - Clash Of Clans Wiki (2024)
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