US politics latest: Donald Trump becomes first former president ever to have mugshot taken as historic photo revealed (2024)

Key points
  • Donald Trump has surrendered at a jail in Georgia
  • Former US president's mugshot released |Here's his booking document|
  • What is this case all about?
  • Supporters and opponentsgather outside jail
  • James Matthews: The Trump mugshot is like closing scene from US Apprentice - its effect will come down to the eye of the beholder
  • Four key takeaways from the first Republican debate
  • How big is Trump's lead in the race for the Republican nomination?
  • Live reporting by Jess Sharpand (earlier)Ollie Cooper



Well, it's been a memorable morning already - and it's not even 4am.

Donald Trump has become the first former president in history to have a mugshot taken after being booked at Fulton County jail in Georgia.

He surrendered on more than a dozen charges, all relating to his alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election result in the state.

County District Attorney Fani Willis has calledfor a trial date of 23 October for Trump and his 18 co-defendants - an accelerated timeline after previously proposing a 4 March 2024 start.

We're ending our live coverage for now, but we'll be back to bring you any breaking updates throughout the day.

Thanks for following along, and before we go, here's a reminder of the historic photo...


On the day Trump growled into the camera - Atlanta growled back with a look into how grim life might get

By James Matthews, US correspondent

What's in a mugshot?

For Donald Trump, millions of dollars in fund-raising, no doubt.

It will be a badge of honour, a "meme-tastic" icon to be emblazoned on campaign T-shirts and merchandise.

Within an hour of its release, $34 T-shirts were already being advertised with the image and slogan: "Never Surrender".

Clearly, Trump had given it some thought. The hair was in place and the face make-up was on as he scowled down the barrel of the camera.

The image is almost showbiz from the host of the US Apprentice series and you can almost hear the words: "You're fired!"

A mugshot typically carries a sadness, a look that speaks of defeat, even fear, in the harsh shadows and light of a functional photograph that rarely flatters.

Donald Trump chose a statement look to define defiance of the process and to inspire supporters to stay in the fight.

Different people will see it differently, depending on their view of Donald Trump. Supporters will applaud the look, opponents won’t - like a new wallpaper, if you don’t like it to begin with, you never will.

If the mugshot was the notable change in the summer of arrests for the outside world, for Trump himself it was the infrastructure.

The Atlanta trip could scarcely have provided a more vivid contrast of life as he knows it, and life as it could be, if things go badly for him in court.

His journey by motorcade and private jet took a handbrake turn as he surrendered for arrest in a notorious Georgia prison.

Fulton County Jail is currently being investigated by the Justice department for overcrowding and infestation, improper medical care and use of excessive force.

Donald Trump didn't come into contact with the general population, but any part of a prison for any length of time can be a daunting place for anyone - the sounds and smells of human containment, doors built to keep you in, with prison staff who look like they work there and who have the authority.

As a man who enjoys being in control, Donald Trump won't have enjoyed that.

Atlanta gave him a brief flirtation with how grim life might get - on the day he growled into the camera. Atlanta growled back.


T-shirts, hoodies and mugs: People are already selling Trump mugshot merch

Donald Trump's mugshot was released just over an hour ago, and already people have started selling merchandise featuring the photo.

A quick Google search, and we found lots of examples of t-shirts, hoodies and mugs with the former US president's mugshot on.

Some were priced as high as $52 (£41), while the majority were being sold around the $20 to $30 mark.

Here are some of the examples we found.


Trump says booking was 'terrible experience' but he was 'treated nicely'

While travelling back to New Jersey, Donald Trump is being interviewed over the phone by the conservative channel Newsmax.

It's difficult to tell if Greg Kelly is his friend or a journalist, with all the questions seemingly in the former US president's favour.

Asked how his time in Fulton County jail was today, Trump said it was a "terrible experience".

But he then added: "I came in and I was treated very nicely."

"It's a very sad experience and it's a very sad day for our country," he said, repeating remarks he made to reporters earlier.

Throughout the interview, he has repeated false claims of "election interference", saying there is "cheating" going on.

"It's just one thing after the next and they just want to try to wear you out," he said.

"I've never seen anything like it. This is a third world country."

Despite facing several criminal charges, Trump's support has continued to grow in the polls and he is still the frontrunner for the Republican presidential candidate.


Trump posts mugshot on Truth Social

Donald Trump has commented on his mugshot, posting this on Truth Social...

He also returned to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share the photo in his first post since 8 January 2021.


The Trump mugshot is like closing scene from US Apprentice - its effect will come down to the eye of the beholder

By James Matthews, US correspondent

My first thought was: "You're fired!"

The Trump mugshot is like a lift from the closing scene of the US Apprentice show, every inch the man who has enjoyed image management to within an inch of his life.

It is a square-jawed showbiz look from a man who had given it some thought, right down to the face make-up and coiffured hair.

The expression is defiant, even threatening. Both would fit the Trump message articulated over time that he's the victim of a witch hunt and that he will target anyone who targets him.

Mugshots typically show the vulnerability of an individual post-arrest, even fear.

None of that features in the Donald Trump game plan, hence the frown into camera.

The effect will come down to the eye of the beholder - different people will think different things, depending on their view of Trump.

Like a painting, tell yourself you love it and you probably will - tell yourself you hate it and that'll work, too.

On one thing, all can agree - the history of it all. America's picture book has a new entry.


Lincoln Project shares edited viral clip to show its reaction to Trump's mugshot

While some Republicans have condemned the mugshot of Donald Trump, others have seemingly celebrated it.

The Lincoln Project has just shared this edited viral clip that originally showed England football fans celebrating at Ashton Gate Stadium while watching the team play Wales in the 2016 Euros.

The political action group of Republicans that tried to stop Trump being elected in 2020 edited the video to show Trump's mugshot being shown on the big screen instead of the original football game.

While it doesn't show people celebrating the historical image in real time, the sharing of the clip gives an insight into how the group is feeling this morning.


'The photo that will win the 2024 presidential election'

One of Trump's biggest supporters Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has shared her thoughts on his mugshot...


The statement mugshot that conveys defiance

In the last few moments, our US correspondent James Matthews has been reacting to the historical image that is Donald Trump's mugshot.

"American history. Political history. It is an image that will forever be in America's picture book.

"Donald John Trump charged, arrested on a fourth indictment inside Fulton County jail, fingerprinted, and mugshotted and that is the image he provided.

"Different people will think different things about that. It is every inch Donald Trump's showbiz personality on first glance to me.

"We have seen that expression many times in the past and I suppose it does scream defiance, scorn. That will be the message that he wants to radiate out from that imagery.

"Here we have the statement mugshot that conveys defiance."

The photo has made Trump the first current or former president to have a mugshot taken in history.


Trump's mugshot released

In a historic moment, Donald Trump's mugshot has been released.

It makes him the first former US president in history to have his mugshot taken.

It has been released by Fulton County Sheriff's Office.

US politics latest: Donald Trump becomes first former president ever to have mugshot taken as historic photo revealed (2024)
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