Seared Scallop Pasta With Burst Tomatoes and Herbs Recipe (2024)



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Cooked this last night. The scallops were good but could have been better. I recommend cooking in a different order. Get the pasta going. Make the sauce adding pasta water when you have some. Add the pasta, stir, and keep on low. Last, sear the scallops. This way they are nice and hot and the caramelizing is fresh.


Hi folks. Hope everyone's doing well. If this is your first time cooking with scallops please ensure you pat them dry and then season well before cooking. The salt will also help draw out water. If the scallops are not dry they will not sear.


Simple, fresh dish that's very good. I made my sauce in a pan while the pasta cooked so the scallops wouldn't sit for 10 minutes getting cold. Used a cast iron skillet to sear the scallops. It was one extra pan to clean, but well worth it. The sauce could have used a little something more. Maybe lemon zest or capers? Will try it again.


A very good cheater mix of herbs is Gourmet Garden Italian Herbs (or something like it) paste mix -- all real, and wholesome herbs. I throw in a little extra oregano and fresh basil leaves because a voice from Brooklyn says to do that. Also for the scallops themselves, don't skimp, people. Use some butter (that voice again) and add in a little fresh lemon juice: the two combines helps golden-up the scallops. You won't be sorry. Color, texture and flavor are enhanced.

Jim Sullivan

IMHO, there is nothing that cannot be improved with lemon zest and/or capers!


Glad it works for you, but using sous vide to cook scallops is a TOTAL waste of time and energy. The technique in this recipe, which I've been using for years and teach frequently in my cooking classes, takes a maximum total of 5 minutes, including heating the pan and cooking the scallops (though I do season the scallops at least 20 minutes before I cook them). Scallops cooked as in this recipe are perfect every time, even for people with minimal cooking skills.


Was delicious! Started the pasta in salted water. Added butter to the EVO in my very hot stainless pan. Cooked scallops as directed but 3 minutes per side. Took them off and put them aside. Cooked scallions and garlic then added tomatoes and finally saved pasta water. Used Italian parsley, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, mint, dill, sage, and chives. Added little bit of red pepper flakes. Grated cheese over pasta. Scallops were perfectly seared and juicy. The sauce was outstanding. Super flavor!!


I didn't clean out the pan after searing the scallops as I didn't want to lose the delicious frond.


needs some acid--some lemon juice; I'd cook scallops after making sauce next time. I will sautés garlic at end of shallots cooking--just adding it to the sauce not enough.


After reviewing others’ comments, I also cooked pasta and then made sauce before sautéing scallops. Added lemon juice and zest after the sauce reduced and thickened. Used fresh chives, tarragon, oregano, and parsley for my herbs. Overall, quite good and refreshing!


I THIRD the votes for T Joes scallops. Once upon a time, that very same bag was only 10.99! Now around 17.99 I think. But they are excellent, every time. Make sure to dry them before adding to the pan. They will not disappoint.


Pouring Olive Oil into a "very hot" skillet? should reach shimmer stage in about 1 to 2 nanoseconds and then straight to burnt. Cant see it being viable for the 2 to 4 minutes total cooking time...Just wondering, how hot is "very hot" and what grade of oil is being used?


With scallops?...1. thyme, fresh would be lovely. 2. Shredded basil and oregano. If you like it lemongrass with Thai basil.....

Carol A Cunningham

Use a trusty cast=iron skillet for best results (and no dripping aluminum). : )


We made it twice, our modification: Herbs: Parsley, chives, and thyme; Two shallots and white parts from two leeks. Sauteed a pinch of chili flakes the shallot and leaks in olive oil, added grape tomatoes as directed, salted and peppered till tomatoes popped open. Added boiled pasta and Herbs, and mixed together. Washed and dried scallops were salted and generously peppered, then barely dusted with all purpose flower. Scallops were sauteed at medium high heat for 1.5 minutes each side.


This pasta was delicious! We didn’t have any scallops so I used some cut up sausage instead and added fresh asparagus to up to veg content. Easy & flavorful pasta dish that is easy to tweak based on what is in the fridge.


Very good! Used frozen scallops. Had onion not shallot added capers and splash of rose, fennel seed, dried oregano. Kumato tomatoes and it was delicious and quick!


Cooked garlic with shallots. Added a splash of Sauvignon Blanc.Cooked scallops in ghee at the end.Family loved it!


Cooked garlic with shallots.Made the scallops last, cooked in ghee.Family loved it!


Be a real shame if someone put a half cup of white wine and a few Tbsp of butter into that searing pan to make a pan sauce to toss the pasta in 😈


I replaced the scallop with shrimp and it was amazing


I used 8 oz of pasta and added a sprinkle of cheese. The next time I make this I will add extra tomatoes.


This recipe was very tasty despite the little amount of ingredients - but most of the best Italian dishes are! Remembered to pat dry and salt your scallops generously. Because I was making just for myself, I used 5 scallops. used half a pint of sun golds from the farmers market but wished I had used the whole thing. Added more garlic and some oregano. Pasta water was key as once the tomatoes burst and I swished them the sauce became a little to jammy. Added fresh parsley and top and Amazing!

Good Recipe Give It More Time

The addition of capers and lemon zest really added flavor. It didn't need additional lemon juice. Browned the scallops in butter and used bay scallops. It takes more than 30 minutes. 30 minutes of cooking time but another 10 minutes of prep before. It was a winner.


Tarragon is a key ingredient. The mixture of the different herbs adds an amazing dimension to this dish. Super good! Will do it again. Fit to impress guests


Absolutely lovely - will make again many times!


Commenting only on the tomato sauce. If you have a plethora of grape tomatoes and are looking for a burst tomato sauce, look no further. I used only 2 tsp oil for half the recipe, and subbed white onions for shallots. I had no scallops but only TJ chicken meatballs and it was fine, but of course scallops would be next level. The sauce though! so easy and fresh and delicious! Basil is excellent with tomatoes and here it’s no exception.


Oh! Such a yummy and easy dish! Much greater than the sum of its parts!!


Sear scallops at the end once the pasta is plated (one side with olive oil and add some butter when you flip for extra flavor). Added lemon juice and zest to the sauce before adding the pasta and herbs.

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Seared Scallop Pasta With Burst Tomatoes and Herbs Recipe (2024)


What is the best oil for searing scallops? ›

What type of oil should you use to cook scallops? A light, neutral oil with a high smoke point. Extra virgin olive oil will begin to smoke immediately over high heat. Instead, reach for grapeseed oil, canola oil, or vegetable oil.

Why do you soak scallops in milk before cooking? ›

Scallops, like many other types of seafood, can have a mild fishy odor that some people find off-putting. Soaking scallops in milk before cooking can help alleviate this odor. Milk can neutralize or mask the fishy smell, resulting in a milder scent.

Should you cook scallops in butter or oil? ›

Although not necessary but preferred, let your scallops rest at room temperature for 15 minutes. Don't use olive oil to sear your scallops! I recommend butter as the best option, but you can also use vegetable, canola, or grapeseed oil. The cooking times above are for sea scallops, not diver or bay scallops.

Should I salt scallops before searing? ›

Seasoning – Lightly season your dried scallops immediately before cooking them. A sprinkle of sea salt salt or kosher salt will help draw out any extra moisture lending them to a perfect sear.

Should you rinse scallops before searing? ›

Give your scallops a quick rinse to remove any grit, then thoroughly pat dry with a few paper towels, as excess moisture will inhibit searing. For added insurance, you can dry your scallops in the fridge for an hour or two before cooking.

Should scallops be at room temp before searing? ›

Let scallops sit at room temperature for 10 minutes while towels absorb moisture. 2. Sprinkle scallops on both sides with salt and pepper. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in 12‑inch nonstick skillet over high heat until just smoking.

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