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What happened to GoMovies? Did it shut down? What is it? Are there any GoMovies alternatives? Have you ever found the best free movie streaming site, and then it shut down? That is the sad reality of any free website.

NOTE—FastestVPN does not promote, own, or affiliate with any free website that offers illegal content. As asked by our viewers, all the GoMovies alternative websites on our list are for informational purposes. Ensure that you access these sites at your own will and discretion. However, if you do happen to access these sites, connect to FastestVPN. This will help secure your data and device, protecting it from malware and other intrusions.

However, most free sites often shut down due to content that violates copyright laws. The same is the case with GoMovies. GoMovies, also known as 123Movies, was every streamer’s go-to site, a treasure trove of diverse content that it offered. In this regard, everyone is looking for the best GoMovies alternatives.

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Quick List – Best GoMovies Alternatives in 2024

  1. Netflix
  2. Hulu
  3. Crunchyroll
  4. HBO
  5. Cmovies
  6. MovieWatcher
  7. Bmovies
  8. MoviesJoy
  9. YesMovies

GoMovies Proxy Links

Since GoMovies shut down, many of its mirror or proxy websites appeared. They include:

  • https://gomovies.sx/
  • https://gomovies.us.com/
  • https://gomovies123.fi/gomovies123/
  • https://gomovies.pe/home

9 GoMovies Alternatives (Paid & Free)

Since GoMovies’ official website shut down, nine sites like GoMovies offer similar content. A few of them are paid premium apps, which we mostly recommend. However, we did list some free options that you can try out instead. They are:

1. Netflix – Best Paid GoMovies Alternatives

GoMovies Alternatives & Proxy Sites for Movies/TV Shows 2024 (2)

In the streaming community, Netflix does not need any introductions. With over 269.6 million subscribers, the platform still ranks high among many other streaming apps. The reason why Netflix is first on the list is due to the content it offers. With numerous content libraries, you find the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids’ shows, and more.

The packages are quite affordable if you share the account with multiple people in the house. However, the only drawback is Netflix content is available according to your location. You need to change your IP address to access US Netflix in other countries. FastestVPN can help with that by offering you its Netflix VPN servers.

2. Hulu

GoMovies Alternatives & Proxy Sites for Movies/TV Shows 2024 (3)

Next, we have another premium GoMovies alternative streaming service, Hulu. It’s a lot like a cord-cutting service that gives you a variety of content. Even though there aren’t too many Original shows on Hulu, the quality of its content is why you should consider it as one of the best GoMovies alternatives. The reason why it’s so famous among cord-cutters is because of the Live TV options it offers.

You can get other streaming services packaged with the Hulu subscription, which comes cheaper in price. However, there is a drawback, with Hulu only being available in the US, its territories, and one library in Japan. You need to connect with the best Hulu VPN to unlock the service and create your account.

3. Crunchyroll

GoMovies Alternatives & Proxy Sites for Movies/TV Shows 2024 (4)

Crunchyroll is the best option if you’re looking for GoMovies alternatives that offer anime or Japanese Manga. In fact, this service is preferred by many to the point it makes a good Kisscartoon alternative, too.

There is a lot of quality to the content it offers, with over 30,000 episodes of anime, 1000+ titles, 15 languages, and more. This alternative website has a free and paid version. The paid option offers more content and zero ads, while the free option comes with some advertisem*nts. Crunchyroll is not available globally, so, for this, you will need a Crunchyroll VPN.

4. HBO

GoMovies Alternatives & Proxy Sites for Movies/TV Shows 2024 (5)

HBO Max is one of the oldest streaming services and has evolved over time. Although its content library is not as vast as Netflix’s, its original content is what everyone prefers. This service makes a great alternative to GoMovies with even better-quality streams.

HBO is available in 60+ locations, but if it’s not in your country, you can always use the best HBO Max VPN to access it. If you’re a sports lover, HBO Max also offers sports live-streaming bundles.

5. Cmovies – Free GoMovies Alternatives

GoMovies Alternatives & Proxy Sites for Movies/TV Shows 2024 (6)

Another reliable GoMovies alternative is Cmovies. The user interface is user-friendly, allowing for easier navigation. You can select a movie or show from the top menu. The best way is to select a genre or one from a particular country.

You could also choose one from the top IMDb movies list. Alternatively, when you visit the site, you will see that there are also recommended options on the main homepage, where numerous shows are highlighted. Since most free streaming websites come with ads or copyrighted content, we don’t usually recommend them. However, if you’re still looking to access this free option, consider using FastestVPN with it.

6. MovieWatcher

GoMovies Alternatives & Proxy Sites for Movies/TV Shows 2024 (7)

This platform is another site like GoMovies. It lets you go through a vast library of movies and TV shows. You can access the MoviesWatcher website from any device that supports a compatible web browser. MovieWatcher has a user-friendly UI, helping streamers navigate it easily.

Just like GoMovies, it boasts a massive library of movies and TV shows. You will find the latest releases, trending titles, and more to choose from. With so many options and easy navigation, MovieWatcher is a strong contender.

7. Bmovies

GoMovies Alternatives & Proxy Sites for Movies/TV Shows 2024 (8)

Next on the list is BMovies. We listed it as one of the more popular GoMovies alternatives because of the similar content it offers. You can choose from various genres, including movies, TV shows, latest releases, IMDb-rated movies, and more.

Moreover, it’s one of the few free movie-streaming websites with up to 6 streaming servers. There are various qualities and languages to choose from. However, there are some ads that come with it. Ensure that you encrypt your connection with the best VPN for it.

8. MoviesJoy

GoMovies Alternatives & Proxy Sites for Movies/TV Shows 2024 (9)

MoviesJoy is another alternative to GoMovies that you can try. It has a simple interface that you can easily navigate through. You will find a large number of movies and TV shows already available on the home page.

This gives you quick streaming options to choose from. Other than that, there are multiple genres or categories for you to select, including action, horror, comedies, and more. The only drawbacks are that old content libraries and their release dates are unavailable, with ads being the biggest issue. You can get past these with the help of FastestVPN, the best VPN for GoMovies alternatives.

9. YesMovies

GoMovies Alternatives & Proxy Sites for Movies/TV Shows 2024 (10)

Last on the list is YesMovies, another popular free website for movies and TV shows. It is a good alternative to GoMovies, but some users have complained that it regularly shuts down. If it’s available to you, there is a variety of movies and shows for you to stream.

Some of the streaming links are HD quality. However, you need to be cautious of them violating copyright laws. Compared to the other free GoMovies alternatives, YesMovies has fewer ads; however, we’d still recommend using a VPN with it.

FAQs – GoMovies Alternatives

What is similar to GoMovies?

There are quite a few websites that are similar to GoMovies, including CMovies, MoviesWatcher, BMovies, and more. However, I'd recommend going for premium alternatives like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

Has GoMovies been shut down?

Yes, GoMovies, also known as 123Movies, shut down a while back. Since then, multiple mirror or proxy sites cropped up, including its alternatives. However, for security or safety reasons, we recommend legal premium apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Is 123Movies like GoMovies?

123Movies was the first official website. It later on changed to gomovies.is. However, both domains shut down.

What is GoMovies called now?

The first GoMovies website was called 123Movies. It later on shifted to GoMovies, and then to 123movieshub.to. However, the site shut down due to illegal content distribution.

Is there gomovies new site?

After gomovies.is and gomovies.to shut down, the mirror website GoMovies.sx appeared. However, the service itself is a little faulty and tends to be shut permanently. You can try GoMovies alternative websites on our list, with more recommendations towards premium services like Hulu, Netflix, etc.

What is GoMovies SX?

Gomovies SX is known to be a popular website for streaming free movies and TV shows. However, it’s also questionable where privacy and security are concerned. Even though you can find quite a bit of diverse content on Gomovies SX, the nature of the content is what you need to stay clear of.

Is there a GoMovies app?

There might be a GoMovies app, but it’s best not to download it. Consider going for premium and legal movie-streaming apps.

To Conclude

There are many GoMovies alternatives that you can try, but they are not guaranteed to be safe or to work still. We at FastestVPN do not recommend accessing illegal free websites, which is why we listed popular premium apps for you to consider. However, if you are still planning on accessing any of the free websites like GoMovies, ensure that you protect your connection, data, and device with FastestVPN.

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