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"Night night, Noct. Night night, Daddy." Prompto snuggled further under the covers as Regis kissed his sons' heads. Noctis was already snoring.

"May Carbuncle visit your dreams tonight." Regis flipped off the light and used the soft glow of the nightlight to exit the room.

Regis Lucis Caelum thought he was a lucky man, despite all the misfortune life threw at him. His wife had died during childbirth, leaving him to raise Noctis and manage his company alone. However, Noctis was a happy and healthy child. His company was flourishing, and it seemed like he owned half of Insomnia. As long as he kept working and enjoyed what time he could with his sons then he knew he was making her proud. He felt a twinge of sadness anyway. His dear wife had never met the newest addition to their family, at least not in person. Regis was sure she was watching from the heavens.

Noctis was three at the time, and Regis was incredibly guilty that he was always working. He had decided to adopt a child so Noctis would not be lonely. Regis fell in love with the two year old Prompto as soon as he saw him in Niflheim's Orphanage. Noctis was ecstatic, he now had a little brother he could play with and boss around. The two became inseparable.

Even now, at ages five and four, Noctis and Prompto were joined at the hip. Regis felt it was time they entered preschool. He had enrolled them in one of the schools his company funded. They started tomorrow, and Regis prayed things would go well. Their nanny Monica was already aware of their new schedules, and had assured him that the boys would be fine in the new environment. She reasoned that they could survive with other children around.

Regis sat down at his desk. Clarus, his vice president, needed him to give the green light to several projects. He suddenly remembered that Clarus had children enrolled in the same school he was sending Noctis and Prompto to. Hopefully they would all get along.

Paperwork was finally abandoned for some much needed sleep around ten o'clock.


"Prom, do you know what the best part of school is going to be?" Noctis kept going, not bothering to wait for Prompto to swallow his oatmeal and guess. "The toys. Yeah, we have to share, but Monica said that there would be lots of cool toys to play with! Different from ours! Isn't that super awesome!?"

Prompto put down his spoon. "Noct? What if the other kids are mean? What if they don't want to share?"

"The teachers will make sure everyone gets a fair turn." Regis smiled at the boys. Prompto perked up a bit and continued eating.

Monica ran through the list of needed items, nodding as Regis confirmed their presence.

Jackets? Check. It was September, and the weather was being finicky. Cold mornings turned to hot afternoons before becoming frigid nights.

Backpacks, filled with bedding for nap time and extra clothes? Check.

Soon they were all loaded into the car, and the chauffeur Cor drove the excited family to school. Regis was going to drop them off and pick them up today, but tomorrow Monica would assume this role.

Boys, backpacks, and jackets made it safely into the building. Regis hugged his children goodbye and left them with a young teacher named Gentiana. She seemed capable enough, but he still planned to call on his lunch break to see how they were.


Prompto hid behind Noctis as Miss Gentiana kneeled down to say hello. "Let's put your things in your cubbys, okay? Then we can pick an area to play in."

Miss Gentiana led them to the blocks area before running off to stop a child from climbing on the art table. There were two boys already building something, and they looked at the newcomers.

"Hey! Don't knock our tower down and you can play with us." The messy looking brunette shielded the tower with his hands.

"Gladio, be nice. They're new." The second boy pushed up his glasses and added another block to the structure. "I'm Ignis. What are your names?"

Noctis introduced himself and his brother. "I'm Noctis Lucis Caelum and this is Prompto Argentum Lucis Caelum." Gladio and Ignis stared. Such a large name for a tiny boy. Regis had debated whether or not to do away with Argentum, but he felt that Prompto should choose when he was old enough. Regis definitely wanted him to keep the Lucis Caelum though. Noctis would inherit and become 'king' of the company, but Prompto was now destined to be second in command.

Prompto picked up a block. He handed it to Ignis, who carefully added it to the tower. It wobbled, tilting back and forth, and all four boys froze. It fell with a loud crash. "Aw man, why'd ya go and do that?" Gladio glared at the other three. It had taken him seven whole minutes to build that masterpiece, and now someone needed to pay for ruining it.

"Hey, don't blame us! We didn't knock it down on purpose!" Noctis folded his arms. Ignis stood up, moving between them. "Here, just fix it." A genius solution from a five year old.

Gladio grumbled a bit and began to rebuild. Noctis joined, and the tower was fixed in no time. Prompto and Ignis had built a smaller structure right next to it. "Here's the restaurant, and everyone who works there loves cake!" The other three laughed at Ignis' declaration.

They continued playing as more children arrived.

Ravus, age nine, and Luna, age five, were dropped off by their nanny Camelia. She fussed over their hair and reminded them to be good, not to pick their noses, listen to their teachers, eat all their lunch, blah blah blah. She had a habit of talking down to people, and poor Ravus and Luna were used to it.

The two sat at the art table, content to draw before the school bus arrived to take Ravus to elementary school.The preschool offered before and after school care, and many parents were grateful. Their children would be safe while they worked.

Loqi, Ravus' best friend, was dropped off by Caligo. "Goodbye dad!" Caligo muttered a 'good riddance' and left. Loqi bounded over to join the Fluerets.

Cid dropped off Cindy with a pat on the head and an attempt to wipe off some stray oil from her face. The girl knew her way around an engine and insisted on helping her grandpa at his auto shop. Cid saw Noctis and Prompto playing, and remembered he hadn't spoken to Regis since last week. It was time to set up another play date so they could talk.

The school bus arrived and Mrs. Leviathan walked the school agers to the bus. Ravus and Loqi made fun of the cranky teacher as soon as the vehicle drove away.

Miss Gentiana gathered the preschoolers and had them sit on the letter carpet while Mr. Ramuh took attendance.

"Nyx? Crowe? Libertus? Noctis? Prompto? Vyv? Sania? Dino? Coctura? Dave?" He paused. Dave. What a weird name. "Aranea? Takka? Wiz? Luna? Cindy? Ignis? Gladio? Biggs? Wedge? Randolph? Navyth?"

He checked each child off of the list. Miss Gentiana conducted morning group time, and the children took turns calling out the answers to her questions. Noctis stood up and started to walk to the bathroom. Mrs. Leviathan stopped him. "You need to ask, you can't just get up and walk off." This was a new concept, he had free reign of the house and didn't ask for much. Monica was really good at keeping the boys satisfied and neither child was particularly demanding.

"Can I go to the potty?"

"May I please use the bathroom?"

"Why are you asking me, teacher?"

Mrs. Leviathan sighed. This new boy was going to be fun. "No. You ask by saying 'May I please use the bathroom?'."

He repeated the request properly. She let him go to the bathroom.

A minute later, Miss Gentiana was in the middle of the weather song when Prompto noticed that Noctis was not next to him anymore. Where had he gone? He looked around. "Noct?" His voice trembled and he began crying. Miss Gentiana finished her song and let Mr. Ramuh take over group time. She lifted Prompto and carried him away from the letter carpet. He hiccuped and sniffled as he asked for Noctis again. Miss Gentiana led him to the bathroom to wait for his brother.

Noctis exited not long after. "Prompto, why are you crying?"

"You were just gone... and..."

Noctis hugged Prompto. Miss Gentiana led them back to the carpet, making a mental note to consider this separation anxiety when assigning groups.

The boys sat back down just as the class was being split into areas. They were assigned to kitchen area along with Nyx, Libertus, and Crowe. Aw. Noctis had wanted to play with Ignis and Gladio again. Those two were in books with Luna and Cindy.

Nyx began to 'cook' as Libertus set out all the plates. Crowe tried to stab him with a play fork. She sat in time out after a stern lecture from Mrs. Leviathan. Libertus demanded an ice pack, medicine, and a heart transplant. Only one of these was delivered.

Nyx prepared a tea party for Noctis and Prompto. He told them he was going to grow up to be a policeman, no, a super policeman who would always save the day.

"You're so cool, Nyx!" Prompto looked at the older boy with wonder in his eyes. Noctis frowned. He was cooler than this kid. Nyx handed him a teacup. "Here's your coffee!" Coffee? Maybe Nyx WAS extra cool. Only grown ups liked coffee.

Prompto hid behind Noctis as Crowe and Libertus returned. He didn't feel like getting stabbed, and Crowe had already proven to be dangerous.

He didn't need to worry though, because it was time to switch areas. The Caelums moved to art with Aranea, Dino, and Coctura. Prompto drew a chocobo, give or take some limbs. Those birds had three wings and one leg, right? Oh well. It had been fun to try. Noctis was doodling fish. He had been fascinated with the scaled creatures since their summer trip to the aquarium. Dino was drawing... rocks. Jewels, pebbles, geodes, and other forms of earth sprawled across his page. Dino shoved the boring drawing into Coctura's face. "Check it out! When I grow up I'm going to be a drooler! I'll make pretty necklaces. Do you want one?" Coctura giggled. "A drooler? You're so silly." She went back to the cake she had been coloring.

Aranea snatched a crayon from Noctis. "Thank you!"

"Hey! I was using that!"

"And now you're not." Her tongue stuck out and waggled at him.

"Here, Noct, just take mine. I'm done anyway." Prompto handed over his crayon. Aranea snatched it out of Noctis' hand. "Thank you."

Noctis saw red. Not the crayon, but actual red. He reached back, gathering all his strength, and swung. He hit Aranea right on her cheek. She was flying through the air and landing on top of him before he even registered that he had hit her.

Mrs. Leviathan appeared out of nowhere, lifting Aranea off and carrying her to time out. Miss Gentiana checked over Noctis, and when she found no bruises she sat him in a corner for his own time out. "She kept taking my stuff! I just... I didn't like that!" Noctis was still fuming.

"Noctis, we don't hit our friends."

"She's not my-" A pointed look halted his sentence.

"We are all friends here. Sometimes our friends don't make the best choices. That's when you need to get a teacher or try to ask for your crayon back. Hitting is never the answer. Please sit here, and when you are calm I will excuse you from time out."

She turned to find Prompto standing behind her. "Prompto, Noctis needs to sit in time out for a while. Why don't you come back to the table and color while you wait for him?"

Tears glistened in his eyes. "But..." Leave his brother in trouble? Go back to the table alone, where another child could hit him next? This school was scary, and did not seem like the fun wonderland Monica had described. The nanny had promised games and friendship. She had never mentioned anything about hitting. This was different from when Noctis or Prompto would 'smack' each other on the butt before running away laughing.

Miss Gentiana knelt down and took Prompto's hands in her own. They were cool and soft. "Prompto, it's only a short while. Why don't you draw something to give to Noctis when he is ready to come back and play?"

"Can you stay with me so the kids will be nice?" Surely no one would act up with a grown up right there.

"I'm sorry, but I have to watch everyone in our classroom. Would you like me to ask if one of the boys you were playing with this morning will sit with you?"

That sounded reasonable enough. Ignis and Gladio seemed nice. He had also seen Luna and Cindy here. Luna's mom would bring her over to play when Regis needed her expertise on a project, and Cid brought Cindy over when he would talk about cars and other boring stuff. He supposed school wasn't that scary, if Luna and Cindy were here too. He was going to ask for Luna when Ignis ran up to them.

"Miss Gentiana, Gladio says a behemoth has purple drool and I told him he was wrong. He called me a doodoo head."

"I'll go speak with him. Ignis, will you play with Prompto here in art?"

"I can play with him."

Ignis took Prompto back to the table. He drew a behemoth and told Prompto all about how he had read in his big book of beasts that the creatures were car-niv-or-ous. That meant they ate meat.

"Wow, Ignis, you're so smart!"

"Thanks, my uncle says that intelligent people can change the world. That's why he taught me to read, even though I'm not going to the big school this year." Ignis was correct, he still had another year of preschool before he could enroll in kindergarten.

Gladio shuffled over to them. "I'm sorry I called you a doodoo head."

"I forgive you." Ignis hugged Gladio.

Miss Gentiana shooed him back to his area and went to excuse Noctis. "Please apologize to Aranea, and then you may play."

Noctis walked over to where Aranea was sitting in time out. "I'm sorry for hitting you. Are you okay?"

"It didn't hurt. And I guess I'm sorry for taking your crayons."

Noctis bounded back over to Prompto. The younger boy practically threw himself onto Noct. "Look, Ignis drew a behemoth and he said they eat meat and that he can draw couerls too! He said his book talks about lots of different animals!"

He would have kept going, but the teachers were rounding them up for bathroom time. Mr. Ramuh asked them to all go now because they were NOT coming back in from the play yard until it was time to. After the entire class had pottied and washed hands they all put their jackets on. Prompto partnered up with Noctis, and the two stood at the end of the line behind Nyx and Luna.

"Hi Luna!" Noctis poked her in the back. "You left your doll at our house and Dad said you could pick it up next time you came over."

"So that's where Miss Mooglepie went! I thought Ravus hid her again."

As soon as the children were released onto the play yard pandemonium ensued. Prompto and Noctis stood at the gate separating the preschool area from the toddler area. Gladio was already there, talking to his two year old sister through the fencing. Iris danced and laughed as he made faces at her. Mr. Bahamut moved her away from the fence, setting her next to a baby in a cactuar onesie on the carpeted area.

"That's Talcott. His grandpa is our housekeeper. Jared's really nice and he gives Iris and me cookies." Gladio told the Caelums that his dad worked for a big company. None of the boys realized that Clarus worked for Regis.

Noctis dragged Prompto over to the slide. They took turns going down until Sania walked over with something in her clenched hands. "Look! I caught a spider!"

Noctis moved in front of Prompto, who had covered his face with his hands. "Bugs are icky! Please take it away!"

Sania looked at Noctis like he had three eyes. "Icky? Bugs are cool. Not as cool as frogs, but I still like them!" She carried her specimen elsewhere.

Not long after her departure Cindy arrived. "Hi Prompto! Hi Noctis! Hi Prompto!" Noctis pointed out that she had said hi to Prompto twice.

"I like him. He's always nice."

"I'm nice too!"

Cindy was about to reply when a ball bounced off the back of her head. She began bawling as Dave ran over, apologizing profusely. "It was an accident! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry..." His apology was interrupted by Miss Gentiana's arrival. She whisked Cindy off to apply any necessary first aid.

"Noct, everyone's getting a lot of boo boos today." Prompto went down the slide again.

"Yeah. But I still like it here. We are making a lot of new friends. I can't wait to tell Dad."

"You were right. The toys are cool..."

They stopped sliding and sat down in a grassy patch of the play yard. The boys compared the pros and cons of this whole school business.

They liked how nice Miss Gentiana was. Ignis, Gladio, and Nyx seemed cool. They were glad they at least knew Cindy and Luna. They were especially happy that they had each other.

They did not like time outs. Noctis wasn't too upset, but Prompto still didn't like being separated from him. Neither boy liked Mrs. Leviathan. They had heard her yelling at the other kids when they got in trouble. She just seemed miserable.

It was time to go inside. Jackets were put away and everyone gathered on the letter carpet for story time. Mr. Ramuh read 'Timid Tonberry and the Mad Marlboro'. It was basically a public service announcement, the moral of the story was to accept differences in others.

Then came lunchtime.

Noctis stared at the plate that had been placed in front of him. Macaroni and cheese, carrots and peas, and Vienna sausages stared back.

Oh, no way. There was a greater chance of him growing wings than of him eating those carrots.

He glanced over at Prompto, who was already halfway through his macaroni. "Is it yummy?"

"Yeah! It tastes different from when we eat it at home. But I still like it!"

Noctis tasted the cheesy noodles. Prompto was right. Their chef, Weskham, made better food. What Noctis didn't know was that Weskham's 'cheese' sauce was actually blended carrots and potatoes with very little actual cheese. The chef had to be creative with his diet because he was so picky.

Noctis scooped all the peas and carrots onto Prompto's plate. He stole the sausages. Prompto didn't bother complaining, he was used to Noctis' special brand of sharing.

Vyv saw him trading food with Prompto and thought 'that looks like a good idea'. He picked a sausage off of Takka's plate. "TEACHER! HE TOOK MY FOOD!"

"Noctis did it too!"

"Tattletale!" Noctis hoped they wouldn't give him replacement vegetables like at home. (He wasn't allowed to sit by Prompto at the dinner table anymore.)

All the teachers sighed. Miss Leviathan remembered that her parents had told her to go to law school. Why didn't she listen?

Miss Gentiana resolved the issue without having an internal crisis. "Please do not take anybody else's food. That is how we spread germs and get sick." She gave Takka another sausage.

The rest of lunch went smoothly. Well, as smoothly as can be expected. There were still lots of dropped forks and spilled drinks. Cut them some slack, four and five year olds are messy.

Mr. Ramuh began an activity at the letter carpet while the other teachers cleaned up lunch and set out nap time mats.

"Okay, who can tell me what this letter is?" He had written 'cat' on a dry erase board and was pointing at the first letter. Hands shot up before Ignis shouted. "That says cat!"

"You're right, but let the other children guess what the answer is." Mr. Ramuh called on Prompto. "What's this letter?"

"C!" "That's right! Aranea, can you tell me what this letter is?"

Prompto smiled. He knew all his letters and numbers. Monica played lots of educational games with them, and would point out letters on signs while they were out. Regis loved playing 'find the alphabet' while they were driving, and the boys had a knack for finding the tougher letters on license plates.

Suddenly there was a weight on Prompto's lap. Noctis had fallen asleep despite the other children's chatter and the teacher's booming voice.

"Miss Gentiana, we've got a snoozer! Is Noctis' mat out?"

"Yeah, give me one second to get his bedding."

She lifted Noctis off of Prompto and placed him on his mat. The blond followed her. "Sweetheart, you need to go back to group."

Prompto yawned. Convincingly... Not faked at all... "I'm sleepy too."

Miss Gentiana smiled softly. Damn, these two were becoming her favorites. She reminded herself that she mustn't let it show, it's not fair.

"Let's get you settled then."

She put Prompto's mat the required three foot distance from Noctis'. Prompto lay down and listened as some of the other children were picked up by their parents. The preschool part was ending, and after school care began.

Soon only the Caelums, Luna, Cindy, Ignis, Gladio, and Aranea remained. Everybody was sent to their mats, and Mrs. Leviathan turned on the nap time cd. Soothing music filled the classroom.

Mr. Ramuh and Mrs. Leviathan left. Miss Gentiana and Mr. Bahamut had nap duty today. Just two more hours before Mr. Titan and Mr. Ifrit came in for the afternoon shift.

Miss Gentiana was mopping the floor when the phone rang. Mr. Bahamut yelled out from the baby room. "Can't get that, I'm changing Talcott's diaper right now!"

Regis' warm voice greeted her. "Hello, this is Regis, Noctis and Prompto's father. I'm just calling to see how they are doing."

"Well, they are both asleep right now sir, but they had an excellent morning. Only one small incident, but that is to be expected on a first day."


"Another child took Noctis' crayon and he hit her. She jumped on top off him. There were no injuries, and both were sent to time out. Noctis did apologize when asked to."

"Ah. I see. I'll speak with him. That's odd, he's never displayed aggression at home. Then again, Prompto is well behaved too. They don't fight with each other..."

"New environment, new behaviors, sir." She paused. "Prompto was a little upset that Noctis had to go into time out."

Regis chuckled. "Yes, those boys are almost like twins. If you get between them, nobody's happy. Alright, I just wanted to check on them. I should be in around 3:30 to pick them up. Thank you so much."

"Thank you for calling. We'll see you then."

Two minutes passed after she hung up with Regis before Noctis began crying. Miss Gentiana ran over.

He had kicked his blanket off and was laying with half of his body on the floor. She moved him back onto the mat and began to rub his back. He bawled on.

Miss Gentiana watched as Prompto, still half asleep, crawled over next to Noctis. He lay down and Noctis' reaction was immediate. He latched onto Prompto and quieted down instantly. The blond snuggled closer and began sucking his own thumb.

Miss Gentiana stared. Technically she was supposed to separate them, children were required to be on their own mats. But she was not a heartless monster. She left the sleeping boys as they were and continued cleaning.

"May I get a toy?"

She looked at the source of the question. Ignis had woken up during Noctis' crying. "Yes, something quiet."

He picked a book and a bear before returning to his mat. "Mr. Teddy, this is a story about cactuars." He softly read to the toy.

Ten minutes before snack time Mr. Titan and Mr. Ifrit came in. Ifrit relieved Gentiana of her shift, and Titan went into the baby room so Mr. Bahamut could go home.

"Hey, babe. I made garula sirloins for dinner tonight. See you after I get outta here." Ifrit kissed his girlfriend's cheek. Gentiana playfully swatted at him. "No PDA at work, you're gonna get us fired if one of the kids says something."

"That just means I get extra later, right?" He smirked as she walked off with a wink. "Have fun with your shift."

Mr. Ifrit woke up the children, put their mats away, and began serving snack. The seven sleepy kids sat at the table and rubbed their eyes. The cookies placed in front of them got their attention though.

The school agers came back, and Mr. Ifrit served them snack as well. Loqi and Ravus gobbled it up before disappearing into book area. They huddled over some Justice Monster Five trading cards.

Mr. Ifrit turned on the radio while the children played. Noctis and Prompto worked on a puzzle. The pictured moogle slowly took form.

Luna and Ignis carried 'medicine' over to a 'sick' Gladio as Cindy and Aranea danced to the pumping tunes in music area.

Noctis walked over to kitchen to play doctor with the other children, Prompto close behind. Luna handed them blankets. "You can be our patients too!"

Prompto lay down. "Oh, my aching back!" He had heard Cid say that to Regis many times.

Noctis joined in. "It's horrible being old, when I was a kid things were better and..." He couldn't remember the rest of Cid's tirade. He usually tuned it out at this point anyway.

Ignis handed them both plastic cupcakes. "Here's your medicine. Take it once at night so the bed bugs don't bite."

Gladio piped up. "Hey, I need help too! My arm is dirty from markers!" He had tried to draw tattoos, like the ones the heroes had in his favorite cartoon.

Luna giggled. "You need a bath. Here, use this soap." She held up a plastic brownie.

"Thank you!"

Mr. Ifrit walked over. "Noctis and Prompto, clean up. Daddy's here."

True to his word Regis walked in. The boys practically threw their toys into the correct bins before flying towards their father.

"Hello, my darlings. How was school today?" He lifted them, one in each arm, and distributed kisses. Noctis wiped his cheek. "Dad, we made lots of friends! And Luna and Cindy are here too!" Regis waved at the girls, who shouted out greetings before going back to their games.

All three Caelums sat in the car and Cor drove off.

"Prompto? How was your day?"

"I had fun. Noctis and I drew pictures and played doctor..." He went to continue, but he looked out the window and gasped when he realized where the car was stopping.


Noctis' head snapped towards the window so fast that Regis worried he had whiplash.

"The surprise is out, Cor. That took less time than I thought." Regis chuckled as they all exited the car. Cor parked the Regalia before joining the Caelums inside Altissia's Imported Ice Cream and Gelato Shoppe.

Prompto and Noctis continued speaking about daycare through chocolate sundaes. Regis ate his vanilla cone with sprinkles and listened. Cor enjoyed his milkshake, chuckling. The boys were arguably the best part about working for Regis. There was never a dull moment.


They had enough time for one episode of their favorite cartoon before dinner. Weskham had made lasagna, and Regis was looking forward to it. He put on the television and sat down to check his emails on his phone as they watched.

Animated adventures inspired Prompto and Noctis. The tv played on as they ran around the living room. "Prompto, quick! To the rocket van!"

"Look out, Noct! It's a monster!" Prompto threw a couch pillow at Regis. It weakly bounced off of his leg. He put the phone in his pocket and stood up. "Raawwwrrr! I'm going to eat you, little boys!"

"AAAAAAAAHHHH!" Prompto and Noctis bolted around Regis to grab more pillows. "Quick, Prompto, do a secret attack!"

Prompto did a silly pose. "Super Duper Chocobo Attack!" He latched onto Regis' leg and slammed his face into him repeatedly. "I'm pecking you to justice!"

"Nooooo! I'm being defeated!!"

Monica entered. "Dinner is ready. Come wash your hands, boys."

"Okay!" Prompto and Noctis tore off as Regis put the pillows back on the couch. He turned off the tv and went to the dining room.

Weskham's lasagna looked like something out of a fancy magazine. Regis said grace and the lasagna began to disappear.

"Noctis, the teacher told me you hit a child today?"

"I'm sorry, Dad. She took my crayon and I got mad."

"We don't hit people. This time it's just a warning, but if it happens again you'll be grounded, young man."

Noctis nodded. Getting grounded meant no tv, no video games, and no fun weekend trips.

Prompto spilled juice all over his shirt. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Finish eating and we'll get you into the tub."

"Can I join too?" Noctis held his cup, ready to 'accidentally' spill his drink too if the answer was no.

"Sure, you boys can have a bubble bath before bed."


Prompto traced the geometric pattern on his bathing suit as the tub filled with water. Noctis dumped in toy after toy as Monica added the bubble soap.

She turned off the water and helped them both into the warm liquid.

Prompto held a toy boat. "Captain Prompto, ready to sail!" His mighty vessel bobbed past a rubber duck.

"Grawghrglebluuuh!" Noctis made a Marlboro toy emerge from the bubbles. The fiend attacked the defenseless ship.

"I'll save you!" Prompto's duckie and Noctis' Marlboro did battle. And what a legendary battle it was, for the waves drenched both of their faces. Water spilled out of the tub and onto the floor.

"Boys, be careful." A particularly large splash from Noctis landed on her shoes. She gave them five more minutes before draining the water.

Noctis stood at the edge of the tub, putting the wet toys back into the bin as Prompto was washed. Soon Monica sent the blond to the bedroom so Noctis could shower.

Regis was already waiting, phone in hand again. He put it away to dress the now clean Prompto. "Which pajamas tonight? Tonberries or flans?"


Regis had just tucked him in when Noctis entered. He chose the adamantoise pajamas.

Regis pulled down a story from the bookshelf. He regaled them with a tale of a prince who traveled the world, on a quest to save the princess' dog. The naughty pup ran away, you see. The story was so thrilling, so pulse pounding, that the two boys just couldn't... keep their eyes.... open.

Regis kissed their foreheads and went back to his desk.

Daycare Days - Chapter 1 - TimidMarshmallow (2024)
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