3 Best Clash of Clans Armies for every TH 2024 – Blueprint CoC (2024)

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Explore our expert picks for the top 3 Clash of Clans armies for each Town Hall level in 2024. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, these army strategies will elevate your Clash of Clans gameplay to the next level.

Hey Chief,

In this series, we will bring you the Best Top 3 Attack Strategies for every Town Hall level in a condense guide made by our caster, Hooked.

Introducing theBest Top 3 CoC Armiesfor every TH LevelPlaylist 2024!

The goal is to showcase a variety oftop-tier strategiesand give viewers a chance to see how to execute them to perfection. Sosit back, take a note pad, and learn watching Hooked as he shows you the way through the top attack strategies of various town halls.

In addition to featuring some of the best strategies, ourCoC Top Attack Strategy Playlist also aims to provide insight and entertainment for viewers.

Explore the Best Clash of Clans Army for Players of All Skill Levels

Whether you're a seasoned player aiming to boost your skills or simply a Clash of Clans enthusiast eager to witness top-notch gameplay, this playlist has got you covered.

Our aim goes beyond entertainment; we're here to assist players of every skill level in enhancing their own game. With a wealth of valuable videos at your disposal, you can learn from the finest and elevate your attack strategies for any Town Hall level.

Master the Best Clash of Clans Attacks for each TownHall

While you enjoy these amazing attacks, keep an eye on the troops, spells, and how the entire attack is carried out. You might discover some fresh ideas and tactics to apply in your own gaming and master these armies.

We hope you have a blast watching Hooked guiding through, and that you not only find our content entertaining but also educational. Thanks for coming along with us on this adventure through different Town Halls!

Why these Clash of Clans Attack Strategies are the best?

Have you ever watched a pro player in Clash of Clans and thought, "That army looks unstoppable," only to discover that it's far more challenging to use than it seems? You're not alone. Many of these elite strategies demand an exceptional level of skill that only the pros can harness effectively.

But what if we told you that there are attack strategies out there that not only pack a powerful punch but are also easier to master? In our list, we've handpicked the best of the best, the top CoC armies that strike the perfect balance between strength and simplicity. These are the armies that, once mastered, will turn you into an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Prepare to redefine your Clash of Clans experience and discover the true art of domination.

▶️Top 3 Attacks Playlist

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    ▶️ Best TH9 ATTACK Strategies in CoC 2024 | Easiest Town Hall 9 ARMY with LINKS

    Welcome to the world of Clash of Clans (CoC), where the goal is to defend your village and raid other players to gain resources. As a TH9 player, it's essential to have an army that can help you conquer your enemies. In this article, we will discuss the three best attack strategies that can help you achieve three stars in TH9 with ease.

    1. ZapLalo:

    Zap Lalo strategy at Town Hall 9 is both challenging and potent. It relies on lightning spells, careful observation of base weaknesses, and a coordinated Lavaloon assault. Success with Zap L requires practice and precision.

    Identifying bases with a centralized defensive queen is crucial for maximizing zap value. The goal is to zap the queen along with any other key defenses, such as expos. Being mindful of the Clan Castle composition is essential. If it contains damaging troops, use balloons to lure them out. Adapt your approach based on whether it's a damaging CC or a stall CC (like Hound or Golem).

    Deploy heroes strategically to support the attack. The king can focus on eliminating air defenses, while the queen targets other high-value structures. Adjust the number of lightning spells based on the target – four for the queen and additional ones for expos or other significant defenses. Maintain a balanced zap composition for optimal effectiveness.

    Execute a well-timed Lavaloon attack once key defenses have been dealt with. Deploy balloons strategically to target various defenses, ensuring efficient cleanup. Maintain adaptability throughout the attack. Consider factors such as CC composition and base layout, and adjust the strategy on the fly for the best chance of success.

    CC:Hound + Poison
    Army Link:

    1. Zap Dragons:

    Zap Drags is all about unleashing the might of dragons on your enemy's base. Using a combination of Zap spells and strategic deployment, this army brings down bases with ease, making it a powerful yet straightforward strategy for Town Hall 9.

    To begin, it's important to identify suitable bases. Look for bases where two air defenses are within earthquake range of each other. This is crucial for the success of Zap Drags. Next, focus on your Zap spell strategy. Bring lightning spells to zap out key defenses, primarily focusing on the defensive queen and air defenses. The goal is to create a path for the dragons to wreak havoc.

    In terms of hero deployment, deploy heroes strategically to take down remaining air defenses. Consider the queen's positioning and use her to eliminate key threats. When deploying dragons, release them from the side with the least resistance, avoiding sweepers whenever possible. Their target should be areas with minimal air defense presence.

    Save Clan Castle troops and balloons for later in the attack. Utilize them to support the dragons, ensuring they face minimal resistance. Finally, adaptability is key in this strategy. If there's no possibility to earthquake two air defenses, consider altering the spell composition to fit the base. Adaptability is key for success.

    CC:Hound + Haste
    Army Link:

    1. Mass Witches:

    Mass Witches presents a user-friendly strategy focused on overwhelming the enemy with a horde of witches at Town Hall 9. It relies on straightforward deployment and efficient funneling to handle various base layouts.

    To execute this strategy effectively, begin by planning the path of your attack. Choose an entry point that allows the witches to create a clear path through the base, avoiding corners for your main push as they complicate funneling. Deploy heroes on the sides to assist in funneling, ensuring they contribute to creating a path for the main push. Their primary goal is to guide the witches towards the core of the base.

    Concentrate the majority of your witches in the center using two jump spells. This ensures they reach the core, where they can target expos and wizard towers effectively. Keep a close watch on splash damage defenses, particularly wizard towers. Use rage spells to boost your witches' damage output and a heal spell where needed to counter splash damage.

    Balance the role of your heroes between funneling and providing additional support to the main push. Their contribution is crucial for the success of the Mass Witches strategy.

    CC:Golem + Poison
    Army Link:


    In conclusion, these are the three best attack strategies you need to use at Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans in 2024. Whether you choose the Zap Lalo, Zap Dragons, or Mass Witches, you can easily three-star most bases. Just be sure to practice your attacks and adjust your strategies based on the base layout and defenses.

    To help you master these attack strategies, we have provided links to some of the best TH9 army compositions that you can use. With these army compositions and the right strategy, you can become a formidable opponent in Clash of Clans.


    ▶️ Today Hooked will share the Top 3 Town Hall 10 Attack Strategies (without siege machines). Zap Lalo, Queen Charge Valks + Bowlers (Falcon) and Penta Laloon made the top 3, which is #1?

    1. Zap Lalo

    Our first stop on this strategic journey takes us to the electrifying world of Zap L. Picture this – five lightning spells crackling through the sky, obliterating defenses and, most importantly, bidding farewell to the defensive Queen. This strategy shines brightest when the Queen takes center stage in the base.

    After zapping away the Queen, it's hero time! Deploy your Golem to soak up damage for your Queen, with the King joining in for both tanking and funneling duties. Watch as they make quick work of the defensive Clan Castle. Pro tip: if you know there's a lava hound lurking, let your Queen handle it.

    Now, survey the base, find the path of least resistance, and unleash the aerial onslaught. Lead with a lava hound, followed by a fleet of balloons targeting various defenses. Haste and heal spells are your best friends here. Remember, no Siege machine needed – this one's for everyone, Siege or no Siege!

    CC:Hound Loon + Poison
    Army Link:

    1. Falcon:

    Next up, the Falcon attack strategy, a powerhouse that adapts to any Town Hall 10 base. Start with a queen charge, using wizards and Valkyries to set the stage. Don't go overboard on spells – a well-timed rage for the Queen is all you need.

    Now, if your Queen decides to take a detour, fear not. Deploy the King and extra troops to ensure the funnel is set. Once the funnel is in place, let the Valks and Bowlers loose! It's a spam fest, but an effective one. Rage and heal your way through the base, and don't forget that freeze spell for any pesky backend defenses.

    Bonus tip: If you have a Siege machine, consider a Siege Barracks or a log launcher for that extra funneling punch. The default hero equipment works wonders, but if you're feeling experimental, try those earthquake boots or the giant Gauntlet!

    CC:Bowlers Loon + Poison

    1. Penta Lalo:

    Saving the best for last, we present the Penta Lalo – a slightly more intricate strategy that guarantees mayhem on any Town Hall 10 base. This one's all about minimal hero investment and maximum destruction.

    Send your King and Queen to grab whatever value they can. No Golem, no wall breakers – just sheer chaos. With a solid foundation, unleash the pentagram of Lava Hounds, and watch as they envelop the base. Use two heal spells strategically and ensure that multi-Infernos cower in fear.

    The trickiest part? Dealing with the defensive Queen. Drop a rage and a skeleton spell, and she'll likely meet her demise. Save that poison spell for the Clan Castle troops. Cap it off with a final heal spell, and let the pups do the cleanup. This strategy is so potent; no Town Hall 10 base can withstand its might.

    CC:Bowlers Loon + Poison
    Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/en/?action=CopyArmy&army=u4x17-24x5s2x1-1x2-1x17-4x11


    In conclusion, whether you prefer the electrifying Zap Lalo, the frenzied Falcon, or the unstoppable Penta Lalo, each strategy has its unique strengths. So, gather your troops, hone your skills, and let us know in the comments which strategy resonates with you the most.

    To help you master these attack strategies, we have provided links to some of the best TH10 army compositions that you can use. With these army compositions and the right strategy, you can become a formidable opponent in Clash of Clans.


    ▶️ Best TH11 ATTACK Strategies in CoC 2024 | Easiest Town Hall11 ARMY with LINKS

    ▶️ Hooked reveals the Top 3 Easiest and Strongest attack strategies at Town Hall 11, including Zap Witches, Zap Dragons and Queen Charge Hybrid.

    1. Zap Dragons:

    Our first strategy, the formidable Zap Dragons, is like a thunderstorm on the battlefield. Picture this: four lightning spells, two earthquakes, and a mission to obliterate two air defenses. But here's the kicker - save your king and queen to eliminate the remaining air defenses. The magic happens when these heroes swoop in like true royalty. Target bases with air defenses on the outskirts, and watch as your dragons and balloons gracefully dance through the core, leaving destruction in their wake.

    CC:1 Dragon Rider + 2 loons, 2 Freeze
    Army Link:

    2.Zap Witches:

    Now, let's talk Zap Witches - a dark and powerful force to be reckoned with. This time, eight lightning spells and two earthquakes take center stage to wipe out infernos. But it's not just about brute force; it's about strategy. Deploy golems and witches strategically, and unleash your heroes alongside a log launcher down the middle. And here's a secret weapon – the Root Rider, a game-changer if you'relucky to have a TH15 to donate you. Don't have a donor? Ice Golems work just fine. Witness how this horde tears through bases, leaving no stone unturned.

    CC:1 Root Rider + 3 hogs, Jump spell
    Army Link:

    3.Queen Charge Hybrid:

    The Queen Charge Hybrid is our crown jewel, an attack strategy that combines elegance with power. The queen's mission is clear - secure value and deal with the pesky CC. Wall break into compartments, set up a royal funnel with the king and siege barracks, and release the hybrid troops. The queen gracefully handles the CC, while the king and Pekka work their magic on the outer defenses. Timing is everything; use heals wisely and unleash the warden's ability when the second wave hits. It's a regal triumph as the base crumbles under the might of your forces.


    In conclusion, these are the three best attack strategies you need to use at Town Hall 11 in Clash of Clans in 2024. Whether you choose the Zap Dragons, Zap Witch and QC Hybrid, you can easily three-star most bases. Just be sure to practice your attacks and adjust your strategies based on the base layout and defenses.


    ▶️ Best TH12 ATTACK Strategies in CoC 2024 | Easiest Town Hall12 ARMY with LINKS

    ▶️ Hooked will share with you the top 3 attack strategies at Town Hall 12. Armies include Zap Dragons, Queen Charge Super Archer and Zap Witches.

    1. Zap Dragons:

    Ah, the mighty zap dragons, a spectacle of raw power and tactical brilliance. Our journey begins with Max, our esteemed leader, unveiling the secrets of this formidable attack. Picture this: a dazzling display of four lightning spells and one quake, strategically aimed at multi-infernos and air defenses.

    As the skies crackle with electricity, our dragons take flight, their wings beating with primal fury. But it's not just brute force at play here. Our heroes spring into action, deftly clearing the path below while the dragons rain havoc from above. And let's not forget our trusty ice hound, whose icy breath freezes enemies in their tracks, paving the way for victory.

    CC:2 Yeti, 4 Archers & Rage or 2 x Freeze (Log Launcher or Wall Wrecker)
    Zap Witches Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/en/?action=CopyArmy&army=u10x29-5x6-4x1-13x15s8x0-2x10-1x9

    1. Queen Charge Super Archers:

    Next, we dive into the world of precision warfare with the queen charge super archers. This attack strategy is a testament to finesse and strategic prowess. Watch closely as our queen sets her sights on the eagle, her royal command driving the attack forward with unwavering determination.

    With the might of our heroes at her side, she leads the charge, while the super archers rain death from afar with pinpoint accuracy. Walls crumble, defenses fall, and victory is within our grasp. This versatile strategy can adapt to any base layout, making it a formidable force on the battlefield.

    CC:2 Yeti, 4 Archers & Rage Spell (Log Launcher or Wall Wrecker)
    QC Super Archers Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/en/?action=CopyArmy&army=u8x7-8x27-3x23-3x5-2x6-2x28-3x1s4x2-2x5-1x9

    1. Zap Witches:

    Last but certainly not least, we have the sinister zap witches - masters of dark magic and chaos incarnate. With a wicked arsenal of spells and an army of skeletons at their command, these dark sorcerers strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

    Picture this: a horde of witches, flanked by super giants, marching forward with grim purpose. As defenses crumble and chaos reigns, our heroes lead the charge, their resolve unyielding in the face of adversity. With a flick of the wrist and a burst of dark magic, victory is ours to claim.

    CC:3 Balloons, 1 Dragon Rider & Rage Spell (Stone Slammer)
    Zap Witches Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/en/?action=CopyArmy&army=u10x29-5x6-4x1-13x15s8x0-2x10-1x9


    And there you have it, clashers - the top three attack strategies at Town Hall 12: Zap Dragons, Queen Charge Super Archers & Zap Witches, each more formidable than the last. But remember, victory is not guaranteed - it must be earned through skill, strategy, and a touch of daring. So go forth, fellow clashers, and may your battles be legendary!


    ▶️ Best TH13 ATTACK Strategies in CoC 2024 | Easiest Town Hall13 ARMY with LINKS

    ▶️ Today Hooked reveals the Top3 Attack Strategies at Town Hall 13. These include Queen Charge Hybrid, DragBat and QC Laloon.

    1. Queen Charge Hybrid:

    Ah, Queen Charge Hybrid, a timeless classic in the Clash of Clans arsenal. This versatile approach has graced many a battlefield and remains a staple for Town Hall 13 clashes. The key? Always prioritize the Clan Castle (CC) takedown with your Queen. It's a no-brainer, folks. By eliminating CC threats early, you pave the way for a smoother hybrid troop deployment.

    Now, let's talk hero equipment. For the seasoned Queen Chargers out there, the Frozen Arrow reigns supreme. However, if you're just dipping your toes into the Queen charging waters, don't overlook the Archer Puppet. Trust us, that health recovery boost could be a game-changer. And when it comes to spells, remember the golden rule: heal first, always. Unless, of course, you're diving straight into the heart of the enemy base for that Town Hall takedown.

    But wait, there's more! Don't sleep on those Wizards from the Siege Barracks. They're the unsung heroes of cleanup duty, ensuring every last building falls before the clock runs out. And for our hero equipment aficionados, the gauntlet takes the crown for Queen protection, while the life gem keeps your Miners and Hogs in the fight for longer. Oh, and about that pesky CC...stay tuned for updates on the optimal strategy in the comments below!

    1. Dragbat:

    Hold onto your hats, because DragBat is about to take center stage. This formidable attack strategy thrives on meticulous planning and pinpoint precision. The secret sauce? Identifying splash damage vulnerabilities and swooping in for the kill.

    Picture this: Wizard towers here, multi Inferno there, but a glaring absence of splash damage on one side of the base. That's your golden ticket, my friends. With a well-coordinated dragon assault followed by a bat swarm, you'll send those defenses packing in no time.

    Ah, but let's not forget the crucial role of our Royal Champion. Her mission? Clearing the path for our batty companions, ensuring they face minimal resistance on their cleanup crusade. And even when things don't go according to plan (we're looking at you, sneaky red bombs), our trusty dragons and heroes hold the line, paving the way for victory.

    As for hero equipment, versatility is the name of the game. Keep an eye out for the gauntlet's protective embrace and consider swapping that Archer Puppet for a Healer Puppet for added Queen resilience. With DragBat in your arsenal, the sky's the limit!

    1. Queen Charge Lalo:

    Last but certainly not least, we have Queen Charge Lalo, the epitome of finesse and strategy. While Hybrid and DragBat may steal the spotlight, never underestimate the power of a well-executed Queen Charge Lalo.

    Here's the lowdown: With Queen Charge Lalo, your goal is clear—carve a path straight to the heart of the enemy base. Whether that includes the Town Hall or not is entirely up to you, but one thing's for sure: funneling is key. Unlike its hybrid counterpart, Lalo demands a longer and more intricate Queen charge, but fear not! With practice and patience, you'll soon master the art of base penetration.

    But wait, there's a twist! With Lalo, you have the luxury of more spells at your disposal. Forget about those pesky heal spells—opt for the life gem instead. Trust us, your Queen will thank you later. And let's not overlook the power of the Stone Slammer, your secret weapon for Town Hall takedowns.

    CC:Loons, Stone Slammer, Rage.
    Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/en/?action=CopyArmy&army=u22x5-5x7-1x17-15x10-3x28-1x23-3x82-2x55-2x1s3x2-3x5-1x11-1x9


    In conclusion, these are the three best attack strategies you need to use at Town Hall 13 in Clash of Clans in 2024. Whether you choose the Queen Charge Hybrid, Dragbat and Queen Charge Lalo, you can easily three-star most bases. Just be sure to practice your attacks and adjust your strategies based on the base layout and defenses.

    To help you master these attack strategies, we have provided links to some of the best TH13 army compositions that you can use. With these army compositions and the right strategy, you can become a formidable opponent in Clash of Clans.


    ▶️ Best TH14 ATTACK Strategies in CoC 2024 | Easiest Town Hall14ARMY with LINKS

    ▶️ Hooked will reveal the top 3 attack strategies at Town Hall 14. These include Queen Charge Lalo, Queen Charge Hybrid and Zap Super Witches.

    1. Queen Charge Hybrid:

    Queen charge hybrid stands as a beacon of versatility and power in the realm of Town Hall 14 attacks. At its core lies the delicate art of the queen charge—a maneuver that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. While the standard approach involves charging the town hall head-on, seasoned Clashers know that adaptability is key. Sometimes, it's wiser to divert your queen's attention to a nearby compartment, especially when faced with formidable defenses around the town hall.

    Spell management is the linchpin of success in this strategy. With only a handful of spells at your disposal, every choice matters. Prioritize rage spells to bolster your queen's assault, but don't overlook the importance of healing spells to keep your hybrid troops in the fight. And let's not forget the hero equipment—opt for the gauntlet if you have it, as it synergizes perfectly with the queen charge approach, providing invaluable support to your royal highness.

    CC:9 Hogs, 1 Rage + 1 Poison, 1 Flame Flinger
    QC Hybrid Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/de/?action=CopyArmy&army=u2x1-4x5-3x6-5x7-2x10-9x11-17x24-3x28-3x55-2x82-1x75s2x1-2x2-2x5-1x35

    1. Super Witches:

    Prepare to witness the unstoppable might of super witches as they march across the battlefield, leaving destruction in their wake. These hulking brutes boast unparalleled hit points, making them a force to be reckoned with at Town Hall 14. But here's the secret sauce: lightning spells. Yes, you heard that right. Lightning spells are the unsung heroes of this strategy, clearing the path for your super witches by neutralizing pesky defenses.

    However, there's a twist—always bring a max lightning spell in the clan castle. Why, you ask? Simple. It saves precious spell slots, allowing you to unleash maximum devastation with minimal resources. Pair this with a well-executed warden walk and strategic troop deployment, and you'll watch in awe as your super witches bulldoze through even the most powerful bases.

    CC:2 Yetis + 1 Rocket Loon + 1 Barb, 1 Rage + 1 Zap & 1 Flame Flinger
    Super Witches Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/de/?action=CopyArmy&army=u2x28-5x7-5x5-2x1-2x0-1x11-1x10-4x66-3x6-1x82-1x52s5x0-1x10-1x3-1x2-1x5

    1. Queen ChargeLalo:

    Enter the arena of Queen charge Lalo—a strategy that demands finesse, precision, and a touch of daring. At its core lies the intricate dance of funneling, as you guide your queen towards the heart of the enemy stronghold. It's a delicate balance of patience and aggression, requiring careful planning to overcome the myriad obstacles in your path.

    But fear not, brave Clashers, for victory awaits those who dare to master this technique. With the right combination of funneling troops and spell support, you'll pave the way for your Lava Hound and balloons to wreak havoc upon the enemy defenses. And while the learning curve may be steep, the rewards are well worth the effort. So, hone your skills, refine your strategy, and prepare to unleash the full might of Queen charge L upon your foes.

    CC:2 Yeti + 1 Rocket Loon + 1 Barb, 1 Rage + 1 Poison, 1 Flame Flinger
    Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/de/?action=CopyArmy&army=u5x7-2x1-2x0-4x28-3x55-1x17-9x10-3x82-1x11-1x6-22x5-1x52s3x2-3x5-1x11-1x35


    In conclusion, these are the three best attack strategies you need to use at Town Hall 14 in Clash of Clans in 2024. Whether you choose the Queen Charge Hybrid, Zap Super Witches or Queen Charge Lalo, you can easily three-star most bases. Just be sure to practice your attacks and adjust your strategies based on the base layout and defenses.

    To help you master these attack strategies, we have provided links to some of the best TH14 army compositions that you can use. With these army compositions and the right strategy, you can become a formidable opponent in Clash of Clans.


    ▶️ Best TH15 ATTACK Strategies in CoC 2024 | Easiest Town Hall15 ARMY with LINKS

    ▶️ Hooked will reveal our Top 3 Attack Strategies for TH15. This includes Queen Charge Root Rider, Valk/RR Spam and Zap Electro Titan.

    1. Zap Titan:

    Introducing the formidable Zap Titan strategy, a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, emphasizing sheer power to send Titans straight through enemy defenses with relentless force.

    For hero equipment essentials, equip the King with the Gauntlet. Choose Healer Puppet or Frozen Arrow for the Queen, and utilize Rage Gem for the Warden.

    Key execution points include prioritizing funneling to ensure Titans have a clear path to wreak havoc. Strategically use rage spells, especially with the Warden, to expedite the initial assault. Be cautious of enemy defenses targeting support troops like the Flame Flinger and prioritize their protection.

    CC:2 Yetties, 1 Rocket Loon, 1 Loon, Barb & Rage, Freeze
    Zap Titan Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/en/?action=CopyArmy&army=u1x0-2x1-1x3-5x5-1x6-5x7-1x10-1x11-3x28-4x55-2x58-2x82-1x91-4x95s6x0-1x2-1x3-1x10

    1. Root Rider Valk spam:

    Next in line is the Root Rider Valk Spam strategy, a whirlwind of destruction sweeping across enemy bases. This approach thrives on overwhelming force, with Root Riders leading the charge supported by a relentless barrage of Valkyries.

    Establishing solid funnels with Root Riders and Valkyries is crucial for a successful attack. Deploying these units clears buildings, making way for your main force. Root Riders' wall-breaking ability and Valkyries' high damage are perfect for this. Deploy heroes and the Log Launcher smartly to hit key defenses.

    This lets your main force tackle critical defenses effectively. Timing heals and rages well keeps your troops strong and helps break through enemy lines. Healing spells keep troops alive under enemy fire, while rage spells boost damage and speed up defense destruction, making your attack more effective.

    CC: 2 Root Rider, 2 Super Barb + 2 Freeze 1 Poison
    Root Rider Valk Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/en/?action=CopyArmy&army=u2x1-9x110-14x12-1x97-1x82-1x87s1x1-2x2-3x5-2x17

    1. Queen Charge Root Rider:

    Last but certainly not least, we have the Queen Charge Root Rider strategy, a masterful blend of finesse and brute strength. This approach hinges on a precise Queen charge followed by a devastating Root Rider assault.

    During the Queen charge, focus on Town Hall and Clan Castle first. These hold key defenses and troops that disrupt attacks if ignored. Targeting them early clears the path for your troops. Use Siege Barracks to bolster your funneling. Deploying troops into the enemy base widens the funnel, guiding your main force effectively.

    Choose hero gear wisely based on your Queen charging skill. Gauntlet boosts the King, Frozen Arrow enhances the Queen. Right gear maximizes your attack's effectiveness.

      CC: 2 Yetties, 1 Rocket Loon, 1 Loon, Barb & Rage, Freeze
      Queen Charge Root Rider Army Link:https://link.clashofclans.com/en/?action=CopyArmy&army=u2x1-1x3-4x5-1x6-5x7-7x110-2x58-1x97-2x82-1x52-3x55-1x28s3x2-3x5-1x35-1x9


      In summary, these are the top three attack strategies you should employ at Town Hall 15 in Clash of Clans in 2024. Whether you opt for the Zap Titan, Root Rider Valk spam, or Queen Charge Root Rider, you'll be well-equipped to secure three-star victories against most bases. Just remember to practice your attacks and adapt your strategies based on the layout and defenses of the base.

      To assist you in mastering these attack strategies, we've included links to some of the finest TH15 army compositions available. With these army compositions and the right tactics, you'll become a formidable contender in Clash of Clans.


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